Tuesday, 21 February 2012

No Buy Update

Today marks one month since I began my No Buy, time is flying! I am proud to say I have stuck to the No Buy. Not even Shop Mac Cook Mac could break me. I was honestly underwhelmed when I actually saw the products in store. Nothing screamed "buy me".

In the process I have finished up a bunch of products, not too much makeup but I'm working on it. Recent empties:

 Clinique Ance Solutions Cleanser. I have used this for a few years, and it was working wonders on my skin. However, about 1/2 way through this bottle my skin decided to freak out. I still haven't figured out what it is from, I'm not using anything new on my skin. I have replaced this with a Neutrogena cleanser to see if my skin was just too used to this product. So far, there are definitely no amazing results to report :(

Bath & Body Works Coconut scrub. This sat in my shower rarely used, mostly because I would forget about it and reach for regular shower gel instead. It's finally done, but now I have a whole new bottle to put in my shower of a mango scented one. I really need to learn not to get sucked into the "buy one get one" deals at BBW. Products just sit around and get old.

Chocolate Masque. This did nothing for my skin. It feels and smells exactly like chocolate cake batter, it just made me hungry.

 Skintimate shave gel, not very exciting but and empty none the less.

Fresh Cotton shower gel, I received this in a gift pack 2 Christmas's ago, and finally got around to using it. 
Can you tell I have too much shower gel in my stash!?

True Blue Spa Tahiti Sweetie lotion (BBW). I'm not normally very diligent about moisturizing, but since I been be using things up, I have been very good about doing it every evening before bed. I love the scent of this one, reminds me of summer. Sadly, BBW has discounted this, so I will not be able to repurchase.  

Two MAC concealers, neither of this are actually empty but they're old and dried out. I would like to think I have finally learned my lesson to not buy any foundation/concealer/corrector from MAC. They just don't match my skin, it ends up being a total waste for me. I will be saving these for a Back to MAC.

MAC brush cleanser, again another unloved item. It does the job and removes product build up from brushes. However since I deep clean my brushes, and only use the on myself, this rarely gets used. This will be saved for a Back to MAC as well.

Smashbox Flash mascara sample size. I think I got this sample from Shoppers, but don't really remember. It was ok, the formula was a bit dry for my liking. It lived in my desk at the office, for those mornings when I really slept in and had to do my makeup at work.

Overall my No Buy/using products is going quite well. I hope everyone else who is on one of these is having just as much luck as I am :)



  1. Good job so far on your no-buy, Sarah! I just love seeing bottles of empties... makes me so happy for some reason, haha.

    xo, alison*elle

    1. It is quite satisfying to se those empties! And it will be fun to try new things again once the ban is over :)

  2. Good job! An impressive showing on empties, too! It takes me forever to empty things ._.


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