Sunday, 19 February 2012

I went for it...

If you read my last post, you will know I was debating whether or not to de-pot my Book of Shadows. Well, on Friday night I went for it. I'm pleased to say it went fairly well. There was only one major casualty, and it was caused by me being a klutz! All photos were taken from my iPhone (pardon the quality) I didn't want to risk getting smashed shadow powder all over my good camera! Here is how it all went:

 Book of shadows in large, clunky packing.
 Half a Z-palette just waiting to be filled.
 Step one, remove the "drawer" all the way out of the main box.
 Using a cuticle pusher, wedge in between the pan and the cardboard. I worked my way around the edge of the pan to loosen it. Then slid the tool underneath to pop the pan off the glue. I only used this method for the first three shadows.
 The largest casualty from my de-poting project. This was not from the shadow cracking when I was trying to remove it. This was because I was being a bit too forceful on the shadow I was working on, and the tool slide. And jammed right into the middle of this shadow :( It didn't totally shatter, so still useable.
 After the first few, I decided to hack the box apart. Using scissors I removed the top layer of cardboard. This made the remaining shadows much more assessable. If I ever did this again, I would do this step first.
 As you can see from the mangled box, some shadows came out much easier than others. The pan in this shot came out without any glue on it at all. While others came out with glue and cardboard attached. The glue peeled off fairly easily.
 Ta-da! The whole Book of Shadows neatly in my Z-palette. The bottom row of the shadows did take a bit more of a beating that the rest, but as I said above, those were removed prior to hacking the box apart.
Overall, I'm glad I did it. Look how much more compact they are! While I do appreciate companies putting time and effort into they packaging, things that large to hold this small amount of shadow really isn't necessary. I find it to be wasteful, especially when a large number of people probably de-pot like I did.
So would I do it again? Yes, if I had to, but I won't be running out to buy the next Book of Shadows soon. It was messy and a lot of work.


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  1. Good work! I cringed visibly at the mangled cardboard packaging but you did a great job!


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