Monday, 30 January 2012

UNITE Hair Care Review

I will be the first to admit, I don't really like my hair all that much. It's too thin for my liking, and always falls flat. When I flat iron it, it tends to curl at the ends after a while. Basically I can't win! So when I had the opportunity to try out some new hair care items, I jumped at the chance. Anything to help make this hair better!

The first item is the UNITE Lazer Straight Relaxing Fluid.

Here's what UNITE has to say
1. Smoothes and tames curly, wavy or frizzy hair 2. Thermal protectant 3. Does not weigh hair down 4. Enhances weightless shine 5. You will never feel more in control

I would agree with most of these points, however I'm not too sure what #5 really means? More control sounds more like a hairspray slogan.
This products gets applied to damp hair prior to blow drying. The texture is a light cream. I use about a dime size drop, if you have longer or thicker hair, I would say to use about a nickel size drop.
It smells a-m-a-z-i-n-g! A light vanilla cupcake scent! My Hubs even complimented me on how good my hair smelled.
Here are the results:

 As you can see, the ends still have a slight wave to them.
While I wouldn't say the product made my hair lazer straight it did help tame the frizz, and made my hair feel soft and silky. I did still have to flat iron my hair after use, as it was not a straight as I like.

The next UNITE product I have is the 7 Seconds Condition. This is a leave in conditioner and detangler.
Here is what UNITE says:
1. Locks in color 2. Detangles in just seven seconds 3. Stylist's favorite cutting tool 4. UV Protector 5. Thermal Protector 6. Eva Longoria's favorite 7. All Hair types

My hair is not coloured at the moment, so I can't really speak to point #1.
Point #2 claims to detangled hair in 7 seconds, and so far so good! I've been using this on and off for about two months. Each use provides the same results. Easy to brush through hair, and a shiny finish. I apply this to damp hair after showering, about 5-6 sprays, wait 7 seconds and ta-da! Hair is brushed through in seconds. The product has a light scent, not nearly as nice at the Lazer Straight, but not unpleasant.

I don't really know what to say about the other points they list, how do you know if a UV protector is working? And I personally don't care that it's Eva Longoria's favourite, but I guess some people do.

Over all, I would definitely try other UNITE products and will continue to use these two. Would I repurchase the two I have? Well, it will probably take me years to use up the lazer straight, since I use such a tiny amount. So I can't see myself needing to repurchase anytime soon. The leave in conditioner is nice, but not a must have for me. If my hair got longer, I could see this being a go to product for long hair tangles.

Cheers! Sarah
***Products sent for review by UNITE hair care*** 

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