Saturday, 28 January 2012

Back to MAC

After being trapped in the house this morning by snow, I decided to do a little clean up of my makeup. I seem to have a problem getting rid of things, even if they don't work for me anymore. Today I decided enough was enough. And as an added bonus, I have enough items for a Back to MAC now!

If you're not familiar with Back to MAC, you bring in 6 empty containers from MAC, and you receive a free lipstick or eyeshadow. The eye shadows may only be received in a MAC store, not at a counter. Which I don't understand at all, but that's the policy. You also can only get a eyeshadow in the pot, not a refill. Which also annoys me, as I then have to take the time to depot it.

I think for this free product I'm going for a lipstick, I need a new neutral colour (you will see why in a moment). And no, this isn't breaking my No Buy, since the product will be free!

 3 face products are being returned. I've finally come to the conclusion MAC does not make a foundation light enough for my skin tone. Each time I try, and get roped into buying one in the store. Only to get home and have it look too orange on my skin. I find MAC face products turn colour quickly after some exposure to air as well.
 Prep and Prime face primer and a lash case. I did like the primer, and that it has SPF. For now I will not be repurchasing as I have 4 other primers to try and finish. The lashes from this case got destroyed after my last trip to Vegas, I've been saving the case to return since.
And finally, my horribly melted Creme'd'Nude lipstick. This is what leaving a lipstick in you purse all day in 40 degree Las Vegas summer looks like. It's gross, and I'm ready for a replacement. I'm think maybe Myth, but will have to try it on.

What did you pick up with you last Back to MAC?



  1. I've got a whole pile of stuff to Back 2 MAC too! I think my first one one will be for Shy Girl lipstick.

    xo, alison*elle

    1. You should take it in! It was satisfying to finally get rid of the empties!

  2. Would you believe me if I said I've never B2M'ed before?!
    I hardly shop from MAC so I haven't been able to accumulate even 4 of their containers but someday I'll reach the heavenly # of 6. Myth seems like a good choice, hope it matches you fantastically :D

    1. Really? Well the 6 does tend to take quite some time to collect, so it's understandable.

      I ended up with Modesty lipstick, Myth seemed too light. I will post photos soon :)


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