Monday, 19 March 2012

Lately on Pinterest

If there was every a way to help define your style (or what you want your style to be) your Pin Boards on Pinterest is the easiest way to see it. I pin at leisure, usually on a Sunday morning while J is still sleeping and I'm enjoying my morning coffee. But when I go back to review my fashion board, my style is clear. I'd call it... preppy with a twist? This does surprise me a bit, as I don't own many of these items. Guess I know what I need to shop for!

 I love both these outfits. The photo on the left is a great weekend outfit for me. I need to look for a loose fitting dress in a neutral colour, so it will be versatile.  The photo on the right had actually helped inspire the outfit I wore to my last blogger meet up. I love the menswear inspired shirt with the flirty lace skirt.
Bright bottoms. While I'm not sure If I could pull off bright yellow pants, I would certainly try. I tried on some bright blue jeggings from Old Navy a month or so ago. They didn't fit right, and I haven't found a pair that do yet. The hunt continues...
 Fun preppy pieces. This lace blazer gives the otherwise basic outfit a kick. I currently own a black blazer and a navy blazer, but no 'fun' ones. Bright coloured cardigans. I'm always cold in my office. I don't own too many cardigans, mostly heavier sweaters. I feel like I should pick up a few light weight ones for Spring/Summer. The red one above looks great paired with the checked shirt.

 Something coloured mustard. I feel like this colour might be a challenge with my fair skin tone. The skirt may be a better option, as the colour won't be against the redness of my face.
*all photos via Pinterest

What have you been Pinning lately?
I will keep you posted if I find any of these pieces soon!


  1. omg i love it all!! u're so good at choosing the best outfits ! :D hehehe ^^ come visit my blog and i think we should follow each other! really impress with your blog ^^

  2. Great pins! I'm on Pinterest daily, which is kinda sad, but there's just so many inspiring images there. I think you could pull of mustard! Maybe try pairing a top with a cardigan so then the color is abundantly next to your face if you're feeling hesitant?

    1. Thanks MizzJ! I will be keeping my eye out for the mustard colour, I think I would just need to find the right thing to wear it with.
      I'm getting pretty addicted to Pinterest too! There is always something new to check out :)


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