Monday, 23 January 2012

Spring Cravings

The snow has officially cleared at my house, and I'm ready for Spring! (You hear that Mr. Weather Man, no more snow!!) Bring on the bright colours and fun patterns.
Here are my current spring cravings:

These Le Chateau black and teal heels are adorable. Perfect for skirts or capris. Currently in stores, I saw them last weekend, but didn't try them on. Which I now regret because I really like them! Hopefully they will still have my size next weekend!

American Apparel 7-way dress. I first discovered this dress from Lauren of A Cup of Haute Style and have been wanting it ever since. It comes in a load of colours, so if it fights well, I might just have to get two.

Something yellow. Both of these are from Maybe it's because I'm craving sunshine during this drab winter, but I'd really like one nice yellow piece for Spring.

What are you planning on wearing this Spring?



  1. Love the new blog layout Sarah! Looks great! Those le chateau heels are too cute! Love them! :)

    xoxo Rosalia

  2. Thanks Rosalia! I'm hoping to get the shoes on the weekend!
    I'm liking the new layout too, thanks for the continued support :)


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