Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Hits and Misses of 2011: Shoe Addition

Shoes can make or break an outfit, and 2011 saw some trends I loved, some I didn't and some I thought were just a bit odd.

Hit #1
The glitter shoe
These pretty gold peep-toe platforms had my name written all over them (can you see it!?).  These particular ones are from Le Chateau.  They've served me well for many events this year.  The glitter shoe trend is also available in flats or a closed-toed option.  Something for everyone.  I love the look so much, I had blue glitters on for my something blue on my wedding day.
Hit #2
Photo from 
Not only are these the most comfortable flats I own, they work towards a great cause as well.  Toms runs a one for one program, in which each pair purchased results in a pair donated to a child in need.  These are great for travel, are lightweight and can easily be worn all day.  On a trip to Seattle this year, I wore mine for two days straight, with no aches or blisters.

Miss #1
The Oxford Shoe
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To each their own when it comes to personal style, but the Oxford shoe is a trend I just could not get on board with.  They look clunky, and too manly for my liking.  I've seen them paired with everything from mini-skirts to leggings to jeans, and I just can't do it.

Miss #2
The Peep Toe Boot
Photo from
This is a style I will just never understand.  I love a cute peep toe heel.  But a boot? The whole idea of a boot is to keep your feet covered and help to keep you warm.  What good does cutting a hole do?  Boots such as this are also highly impractical living in Raincouver.  And I myself always wear socks with boots.  Do you have to cut holes in your socks to go along with these? (ha!).

My two cents on shoes for the year.


  1. Never understood the peep toe boot thing either. Love the idea of blue shoes as "something blue" for wedding!

  2. The glitter heels & the peep toe boots are fab..!

    I live in Australia & have several pairs of open toe boots - they're so versatile for both the warm and cold months. Try a pair & I promise you won't be disappointed..!



  3. I am with you and have the say the glitter plattform are just awesome, although the peep toe thing is not really something I like but, it does look good.

  4. @misslego i would love a pair of red glitters next!

  5. i totally agree with you on the peep toe boot. i love the glitter heels :)

  6. haha I think you could wear them barefoot, or with socks, the point being you'd get a little flash of color from the socks? But then again, that might look really weird, so I'm not sure now!


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