Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Review: Lise Watier Flash Lift Radiance Vial

WARNING! There is a photo in this blog that was taken at 4:30am! No, I did not wake up at that time specifically to try this product, I just have issues sleeping lately.
The product I'm reviewing today is the
I received a sample of this in my October
This facial treatment states it provides:
1) Instant Radiance
2) Erases the Signs of Fatigue
3) Smooths the Appearance of Wrinkles
4) Alcohol & Paraben Free

Here is the before (scary! I just rolled out of bed!)

As you can see, I have dark marks under my eyes, and redness on my face.
The before picture was taken right when I woke up, I then showered, and then applied the serum.  
Here is the after:
The photo was taken in the same location.  The darkness under my eyes was somewhat reduced, but not totally gone.
The redness of my cheeks was also somewhat reduced.

I am not sure if the changes are due to the use of the product, or that I had a few minutes to wake up while showering. My estimate is about 60% shower/wakeup time, 40% product.

The Lowdown:
Ease of use: Super simple to use. Crack off the top of the vial, pour the serum into you hand, and apply to face. 
Scent: This scent was awful in my opinion.  Far too perfumey, it reminded me mostly of "old lady perfume" and lots of it.  I would not want my face to smell like this all day on a regular basis.
Price: 7 vials retail for $27.00 on the Lise Watier website, that's about $3.86 a vial
Did it work: I'm on the fence on this one.  While I did see some change in appearance,but it wasn't anything I got excited over.  I did not feeling any "tightening" or "tingling" of the skin which I thought I would with a product like this.  I also thought the smell should have been more fresh, such as cucumber or grapefruit.
Would I buy it: No.  This product seems pricey for the results it gave, and personally I wouldn't buy it based on the scent alone.  
Save that $3.86 a vial for a Grande Latte.


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