Sunday, 20 November 2011

Holiday Gift Guide: Part Deux

I've always loved getting gifts that fit the season, and what better idea than winter accessories!  The stores are loaded with them, and you can go from ten dollars into the hundreds.
Here are some of the items I recommend:

Nothing beats a good pair of gloves in winter.  Especially in rainy Vancouver, when your hands are exposed to the rain and wind while holding up your umbrella!  I love these gloves! The cute red button detail gives them a bit of interest.  They are fleece lined to keep you extra cozy, and the "pleather" outside helps to block the wind.
These gloves are Jessica brand from Sears.  They also come in a taupe colour.  Retail price: $29.99 CND.

Scarves are a great gift that can be purchased anywhere. 
They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and make a great practical gift.  The photo on the left is an infinity scarf, it has no beginning and no end.  This one keeps me warm, and can be pulled over my head in the event I need a make-shift hood.  I bought this one at Urban Planet.  Retail price: $9.99 CND.
The scarf to the right is a more dressy, the peach colour can help to brighten up an outfit.  It also has sliver and sequins sewn through it.  Peach scarf, from Forever 21.  Retail price: $12.99 CND.

Seasonal hats and ear-warmers are must haves for fall and winter.  I have the grey ear-warmer to match my grey scarf.  I love the cute bow detailing on it, and it does a great job of blocking the wind on my ears.  Ear-warmer from Forever 21.  Retail Price $9.99 CND.  When I'm going for a more dressy look, I pull on my bowler hat.  This can be worn with anything, and gives you less "hat head" than a toque will.  I got this one at H&M.  Retail price $19.99 CND.


And then there is a fun novelty hat!  This one was a gift from my mother a few Christmas's ago.  I must admit I've never really worn it, but it is lined with fake fur, and is therefor very warm.  If you know someone who is braver then I with their style, then this might just be the gift for them.

Let me know what's on your Christmas Wishlist.

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