Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Cravings: Lace Skirt

I've always considered myself a "girly girl",  but I was never one to lust for lace.  Until now.
In recent months I've been seeing lace in a new light.  Perhaps the pattens and textures of lace have changed recently, but it now seems easier to wear and less "stuffy".  Last weekend I bought a top from Plenty with lace collar and sleeves.  It dressed up the simple t-shirt, and looked effortless.

Now I'm on the hunt for a lace skirt.  With the holidays fast approaching, I think it will be an ideal piece to wear with tights to all those holiday functions.

Photo from Asos.com
Photo from JoeFresh.com

Now do I go for black lace, or light?



  1. I saw that exact skirt in lilac at Joe Fresh and fell in love, but it was out of my size. I think black and white both look great.

  2. Alas Joe Fresh downtown didn't have it.


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