Monday, 28 November 2011

Goody Spin Pin Review

I recently received the Goody Spin Pins in a gift bag from an event I attended.  

I'd been contemplating trying these out for a while, but with my thin hair I had doubts that they would work.  As per the instructions, I twisted my hair up into a bun and began to insert the pins.  The directions state to place one pin and the base of the bun, and twist it up into the bun.  Then take the second pin and twist into the bun from the top.
While the pins did hold the hair, my fears came true, and they stuck out the ends.
Pins showing

Pins showing on the lower and upper left of photo

Overall, these pins are a bust for me.  My hair is too thin, and does not form a large enough bun to cover the length of the pin.  The pins did feel secure, so if you have regular hair these pins could work for you.  However, if you have really thick hair, or very long hair you would probably need a second set of the pins.

Spin Pins are available at drug stores everywhere.



  1. I've always wanted to try these out but my hair's super fine like yours... I'd probably have the same problem.

    xo, alison*elle

  2. Too bad they didn't work out. I'm still keen to try them, though :)

  3. thanks for your review. i still may try then because my hair is freakishly thick =)

  4. Someone can have my set, I can bring them to the next meet up :)

  5. That's a definite problem for me too - I have super thin hair and every time I pull my hair into a bun, pieces of my hair just falls out! I heard that the spins were a lot better than bobby pins though!


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