Monday, 19 September 2011

Product Review: ELF Cream Eyeshadow

Hi everyone! I have a review for you today on the ELF Cream Eyeshadows.  I recently ordered 4 colours when they had a sale on the Studio collection.

                             Colours:  Dawn         Candlelight     Teal Party      Eggplant                  

The colours look great in the pot, but I'm not a fan of the packaging.  The pot is a twist off cap, which is fine, but the container is far larger than it needs to be.  If they had made this product in a round container, just large enough to fit the product, it would be a great improvement.  I would not travel with these, as the packaging is rather bulky.

  Here are the colours swatched without any base underneath. As you can see, Dawn comes out lighter thank it looks in the pot.  Candlelight swatched a bit streaky and uneven.  Teal Party looks more blue, than teal.  And the Eggplant comes off as more of a purple-brown colour.

Here are the colours swatched again, this time with MAC Protect and Prime base underneath.  The product applies more smoothly when applied over the base.  The base also helps to bring out the true colour.  Candlelight still shows a bit streaky, you would have to do a lot of blending to get this colour to work.  Eggplant & Dawn definitely show brighter when applied over a base.  Teal Party is about the same for colour pay off, but did go on smoother.

All swatched were applied to my left arm, using my fingers.
Would I buy these again? Probably not.  Even though they are a very reasonable price, I'm really not a fan of the large packaging.  The colour payoff isn't all that great, and they take a lot of work to apply evenly.

Star rating: 2 out of 5
Products can be found here:

I hope this review was helpful, let me know what you think if you have tried out this product.



  1. Hmm how disappointing. I've heard good things about other ELF products, but I guess this is one of their duds!

  2. @mizzj thanks so much for reading! I do have other ELF products I like I will get to reviewing them soon :)


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