Monday, 29 August 2011

Do you window shop online?

Ever get the urge to go shopping, but it's too late at night, or your funds are running low? Or you want to shop, but really have no clue what you want or you know you really shouldn't? Give online "window shopping" a try!
I just completed a satisfying round of looking for jewelry on

The idea behind this is simple, check out items you might want, but do not actually complete a purchase.  Sometimes this is easier said then done, but window shopping online does give you the chance to really think about your purchase before you buy.   And can give you the feeling you've shopped, even when you really haven't.

For example, you're cruising through your favorite websites, and you come across a pair of...lets say orange high heels. You think you're in love! Love at first sight!  But you're not actually seeing the shoes, just a photo to them.  Do you trust how accurate the photo is?  You also cannot try them on, some people may be braver then I, but I cannot buy a pair of shoes without trying them on first. And what about the companies return policy if they don't fit? How much does shipping cost? When I get to this place, I usually click off the shoes and move along to another site.  However, after finding such a Love at First sight pair, I generally will try to find something similar the next time I'm out at the mall.

Jewelry is another fun item to window shop for, especially on sites where it is inexpensive.  You can add items to your cart until it's over flowing, but when you go to check out, it's quite startling to see a cart that is over $200.00 all full of $3.00 necklaces!  Again, this is the place I click away from the page, and move on.  Yet I'm left with a satisfying feeling that I have shopped, and not spent a dime!  And again, I know what to keep my eye out for next time I'm in the store.  

I hope this provided some insight to the joys of online window shopping!
Oh, and my number one tip for having a successful window shop, DO NOT keep you purse or wallet anywhere near your computer, it just makes things too easy.

Happy window shopping!


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